My work contends with the spiritual transformation and evolution of human consciousness. Bodies are eviscerated; anatomical structures splinter while fluids spatter. Form is purged and  abstracted for the instinctual visualization of my subjects’ true nature. What emerges is aura, or pure spiritual essence, free of embodiment and all its limitations and conventions. I am compelled to try to capture what cannot be caught. 

The staining technique provides for fluidity, harmony, and liberation, while leaving a subtle trace of my process. Grounded coffee, metallic powders, and organic pigments swirl, pool, settle, and converge to form the strokes that further delineate the subject matter. Streaks, speckles and splotches detail the molecular frenzy of such transformations while alluding to subconscious escape. They tell a story that is constantly unfolding. 

 Paper allows a further engagement with the process and its medium. For me, the experience is cathartic. The spontaneous and unforgiving nature of paper gives birth to anamorphic beings which vaguely arise in conception, yet are concrete in projection. As such I act as a medium or key, unlocking complex emotional and spiritual states of being.